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Company Details

Name: Playerize Networks, Inc or Playerize (not PlayerIze, PLAYERIZE etc.)

Playerize™ is a trademark of Playerize Networks, Inc.

Web: | Twitter: @playerize | Facebook: /playerize

Tagline: We grow games.

Founded in 2011, Playerize is the first worldwide growth and monetization platform built exclusively for the game industry. Our offices are in Vancouver, BC and San Francisco, CA.

Playerize is a rapidly growing company that specializes in monetization and high quality user acquisition for the social and mobile gaming industry. Our acquisition of the industry's oldest platform for scaling a social game, SuperRewards, allowed us to leverage deep strategic knowledge as we build tomorrow's growth solution for game and app developers. It is our a mission to re-imagine what it means to have a growth partner.

Our products encompass a suite of tools for customers to acquire users and monetize them across the globe.

We are founded by Jeff Magnusson and Lyal Avery in Vancouver BC, and have offices in San Francisco.

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Founder Bios

Jeff Magnusson, CEO & Co-Founder


Lyal Avery, Co-Founder


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Derek Shanahan, Director of Marketing

Email: derek (at) playerize (dot) com | Twitter: @dshan | Linkedin: /dshanahan


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