Weekly News Roundup For February 10, 2012

Each week Playerize publishes a collection of interesting and noteworthy news stories from the social and mobile gaming world. Please have a look at the weekly news roundup for February 10th, 2012.




Here's Everything You Need To Know About Facebook's Coming IPO

Gameloft Has Record Quarter thanks to Winning Mobile Game Franchises

DeNA Will Make Its Own Social Games Abroad, Opens Canadian Studio

Outside The Boy Box: Women Are Embracing – And Rethinking Video Games

Rampage Jackson To Star in Three Mobile Games

Nearly 70% of Office Workers Covet Game Industry Jobs: [POLL]

10 Thoughtful Points From Mobile Games Forum 2012

Konami's Social Games Userbase Surpasses 15M, Helps Lead to Increased Revenue, Profits 

Report: Zynga Insider Spills his Guts, Talks Spying and Bad Math

What Makes Social Games So Popular [INFOGRAPHIC]

Apple Bounces Big-Name Fake Apps From App Store

Facebook Could Jumpstart HTML5 Platform With App Bookmarks On News Feed

Smartphones Outsell PCs For the First Time Ever, Tablets Lead Growth by a Long Shot [REPORT]

Is Your Logo Losing You Customers? 6 Ways To Improve It

Google, Facebook Censor Themselves in India After Court Order

Mobile Usage Pushes Facebook Engagement to New Heights

Facebook Likely to Reject Traditional Mobile Ad Types in Quest to Monetize

The Free Ride is Over: Facebook Likely Adding Mobile Ads “Within Weeks”

FIFA, Need for Speed Studios Suffer Layoffs, to Give Social Games a Shot

Here's The Biggest Threat To Facebook, And What Facebook Is Doing About It

Building Games that Run on Poor Mobile Connections

Email Marketing For Game Developers

Social Games Getting Bolder With Closed, Open Beta Tests on Facebook

Accept Facebook Credits Using IFrame Unlimited Tab

TIGA Survey: Studios Focusing on Digital, Social Games

Facebook’s Growth by The Numbers [INFOGRAPHIC]

Apple Warns Developers Not to Manipulate Their App Rankings

69% of Office Workers Only Play Free Mobile Games: Job Bank Survey

Mobile Gaming And In-App Purchases Boosting Revenues For Free-To-Play Games

Why Are Social Games So Popular?

What a World Without Facebook Would Be Like

US Gaming Population Has Almost Tripled Since 2008

"App Economy" Created Nearly 500,000 Jobs: [STUDY]

Social And Online Games Drive Growth in Audience

Social Game Players Sue Google

Social Media Trends 2012 - What Can We Expect?

Will The Casual/Mobile Market Steal Big-Budget Talent?

Jumping From Web to Mobile: Challenges of Cross-Platform Game Development 

World’s Best Mobile Games Announced

Hidden Chronicles Leads In Facebook Application Growth

Expectations and Regulations for Real-Money Social Gambling

Snooki's First Facebook Game Is As Fabulously Shallow as You'd expect

US Rapidly Becoming a Nation of Gamers [STUDY]

Developers Say Facebook Credits is Converting Fewer Paying Users Than They Had Hoped

Tablets Boosting Mobile Gaming, In-app Purchases: [REPORT]

Gaming Stocks GLUU, ZOOG and THQI: A Warning to Zynga (ZNGA) and Facebook Investors?

Mobile Games Beginners Guide: Gaming 101

Rift Heading to China, in 'Biggest Game Deal Ever' For a Western MMO 

Facebook Talks About Social Games and Mobile Apps for 2012

PREVIEW: Angry Birds’ Landing On Facebook For V-Day

Why Social Media Jobs Get Filled By Younger Folks: [INFOGRAPHIC]

Double Fine Rakes in over $500k from Kickstarter Funding

Activision-Blizzard Doubles Annual Profits to $1.1Billion

Click And Mortar: Zynga Signs Deal With Hasbro For Real-World Toys and Games

Subscriptions Are Not The Future, They Are The Past

Double Fine Adventure Shatters Kickstarter Record With $1M Raised in First 24 Hours

Virtual Goods - An Excerpt from Social Game Design: Monetization Methods and Mechanics

Social Game Tools for Publishers

Study: 135 Million Americans Play Digital Games

Mobile Games: Economics of Freemium [INFOGRAPHIC]

How Google Plans to Avoid Facebook’s “Games Ghetto” With Google+